When we started Billie Valentine one of our top priorities was to be a sustainable business. We knew we could achieve this goal by making sure our products would leave the smallest carbon footprint as possible. Even though we create what is known as "fashion" or "costume" jewelry, we specifically sought out a manufacturer that shared in our ethos by pushing towards a more sustainable future. We partnered with a family owned and operated jewelry factory in Guangzhou, China specializing in small-batch, hand-crafted and hand cast products made of semi-precious brass with 14kt gold and/or sterling silver plating.

We want our customers to love and cherish their Billie Valentine jewelry, not to just get rid of it once it should lose its luster over time, so we have committed to a free re-plating service. If your product needs a little attention you can take part in the TLC Jewelry service -- this includes re-plating and/or jewelry check-up. Simply mail us your Billie Valentine jewelry with your order confirmation number and within 4-8 weeks you will receive your piece back as good as new! Please be advised that there are a few styles noted on the product pages that we cannot offer re-plating for and you must pay your own shipping to our company:

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