Responsible Jewelry Practices

When we started Billie Valentine one of our priorities was to be a sustainable business.  Initially we were skeptical about producing “fashion” or “costume” jewelry, as we know the industry of “fast fashion” has a bad reputation, and we didn’t want to make more just for the sake of making more. 

As creatives we felt compelled to tell a story through wearable art, to create meaningful product for customers to communicate who they are, but it was important for us to do this without compromising our values.  

We are committed and determined to produce product in an ethical, transparent way.  Working with a boutique, family-owned manufacturing studio in China meticulously vetted to meet the highest standards, Billie Valentine specializes in small-batch production, hand-casting and hand-detailing each piece. We offer free re-plating to our customers, aiming to prolong the life of each jewel and ensure it is treasured for years to come.


We want our customers to love and cherish their Billie Valentine jewelry, not to just get rid of it once it should lose its luster over time, so we have committed to a free re-plating service.  

If your product needs a little attention you can take part in the TLC Jewelry service -- this includes re-plating and/or jewelry check-ups. Simply mail us your Billie Valentine jewelry with your order confirmation number and within 4-8 weeks you will receive your piece back as good as new! Please be advised that there are a few styles noted on the product pages that we cannot offer re-plating.

Customers are responsible for covering the cost for shipping both to and from Billie Valentine for re-plating and product check ups.  Re-plating shipping coverage is accounted for on our website.  Do not mail product unless Re-Plating is ordered. Once confirmed by Billie Valentine, please ship product to: 

Billie Valentine

2246 Fair Park Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90041



It is of great importance that we incorporate eco-friendly packaging within our company standards.  We strive to use packaging that is not wasteful or harmful to the environment. We send our products in a white recycled box and keep it safe during shipping by wrapping it in kraft recycled tissue paper, and rather than traditional plastic bubble wrap, we use a honeycomb like paper called Ranpak. It is biodegradable, compostable, and fully recyclable! We chose sustainable alternatives to plastic landfill to help better the future of environmentally safe shipping.