We create experimental, character-driven jewelry, inspired by bespoke heirlooms we have yet to inherit and stories we yearn to tell.
In addition to designing seasonal collections, we collaborate with Hollywood movie studios, artists and pop-culture icons on exclusive, character-driven pieces and limited-edition lines.



Erin Benach is an accomplished Hollywood costume designer, Benach has spent her career bringing characters to life. She cut her teeth in the early indie film world conceiving costumes for critically acclaimed Half Nelson and Blue Valentine before breaking into Hollywood to design the Scorpion jacket for Ryan Gosling in Drive. She is known for conjuring gritty realism on screen and creating iconic characters remembered for their unique style. Her roster of work includes award-winning films like The Place Beyond the Pines, Midnight Special, Neon Demon, A Star is Born and Birds of Prey. Benach's innate love of storytelling and character allows her to design costumes that naturally weave into the tapestry of the film enhancing the story and leaving a distinct mark. Driven by a belief that everyone has a story to tell, Benach launched Billie Valentine to give fans unlimited access to the rich world of her imagination, creating jewelry collections informed by characters both familiar and those yet to be discovered.
"Jewelry is the layering, the detail and the depth which helps me to create the character."
Erin Benach